Photographer mentorship

 for photographers looking to book their dream clients and create a sustainable thriving business!

This is perfect if you have specific areas within your business you'd like to uplevel!! Come with your questions and leave with actionable feedback you can implement immediately! 

Here are some examples of topics that work super well for this time together: editing, website copy, inquiry conversion strategy, client workflow, social media planning, time management, blogging etc.

deep dive coaching call

for the photographer who needs actionable feedback & quick wins

If you want an in-person coaching session and to build your portfolio..this is for you!! Clients book based on what you showcase on your website and social media, so it's super important you have beautiful photos to share online! Once I understand your target market, I'll curate the most gorgeous styled shoot that'll absolutely wow your dream clients!!

We can go over posing during the shoot and after we'll hang at a coffee shop for 1.5 hour coaching session! The time is yours to go over whatever you want!

styled photoshoot

1:1 in person mentorship + a done-for-you dreamy portfolio builder

This is for you if you're just starting and want to make sure you're setting yourself up for success from the get-go, OR, if you've been at this for awhile but aren't booking at the level or quality you'd like to be. I'm here to fast-track you to building the business and life of your freakin' dreams!

Each week of this mentorship program is JAM PACKED with actionable learnings that build on one another. You'll complete the mentorship with the tools and support you need to build a sustainable & fulfilling business that supports the lifestyle you desire!!! 

6 week accelerator 

You want to fast Track going full-time As soon as possible

apply here!

fill out this form and I'll be in touch if we're a good fit

Let's do this!

If you're a new photographer who's excited to learn everything it takes to book out your calendar with incredible clients and launch the photography business of your dreams, you're in the right place! I'm here to be your biggest cheerleader and save you months (even years) of stress and confusion. Let me hand you exactly what you need to bypass the noise and jumpstart the life you envision for yourself!!!

& kiss your 9-5 goodbyeeeee

get ready for a booked out calendar, girlfriend!

You're not getting as many inquiries as you'd like, and the ones you do get often leave you with *crickets* after you email them 

You don't want another year to go by that you don't hit your financial goals - you're ready to make over 6 figures (let's freakin' do thissss!)

You want to learn from someone who's been where you are now, and will be your number 1 hype woman and cheerleader!!! 

You feel like you've taught yourself as much as you can on your own. At this point, you need a personalized plan from someone who can hand over all the info you need! 

Is coaching right for me?

You're ready to take your photo business from side hustle to full-time with income that supports your lifestyle!

AHHH HI!!! I'm so freakin' excited you're here because I've been where you are now! Maybe like you, I was working my 9-5 corporate job but dreamed of a fulfilling career where I could make a difference and be my own boss. So I picked up my sister's old camera and started watching as many YouTube videos as possible to teach myself how to take photos and run my business. 

While I learned a lot that way, I was majorly struggling as I cobbled together bits of information from all over the internet. My editing was nowhere near where I wanted it to be. My inbox was mostly full of *crickets*. If I did get inquiries, they ghosted me after my initial email back. It was, at times, incredibly disheartening.

But I have two deep held beliefs that kept me going. 1) Everyone deserves to live their dream life. 2) There is only one difference between those who succeed and those who don't: those who succeed just never give up. And I wasn't about to give up. So there was only thing left to try- I had to get some personalized feedback and coaching. 

And let me tell you, my business absolutely TOOK OFF when I finally invested in myself!!! I booked mentorships with some incredible photographers and attended some gorgeous styled shoots. Each one taught me something invaluable that I applied to my business, leading me to make over 6 figures and book out my year with dream clients! Now I want to hand over my step by step process for how this could be your life too!!! 

my photo & mentorship journey

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