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Photographer Wedding Album

Wedding & Elopement Tips


Your photographer wedding album options should hands down be the best out there!! But first, I’ll start by sharing why wedding albums are a must!!!!

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Wedding albums are the besttttt

  • Truly, there is nothing like having the whole wedding day in your hands!!! A well-designed wedding album will perfectly tell the story of your wedding day from start to finish. Flipping through the pages will make you feel all of those same emotions of the day. The tears from your first look, the laughter through your dad’s toast, and screaming the words to your favorite song on the dance floor with all your best friends!!!
  • You’ll look at your photos WAY more often! Really, once you select a few photos to post on your social media, you will likely never look through your photos on your computer. I know I personally never have!!!
  • Having your wedding album out in your living space invites people into your story. Whether they were there or not, I guarantee they’ll be picking this up flip through your day.
  • An album is hands down the best way to share the images with family members. I don’t know about you, but my grandma is not a fan of watching me scroll through photos on my own. Albums are timeless, and connect with all generations. Not to mention, you get to ultimately decide what photos go in your album so you know you’re sharing all your absolute favorite ones.
  • A high-quality album will last a lifetime and beyond!!! Yep- if you purchase through your photographer, you’ll be able to flip through those pages with future generations!! Remember this: you should print what you want to preserve.
rachel christopherson photography-wedding photographer-wedding photography-wedding photos-wedding album-wedding photo album-wedding party-fun wedding party photos-bride and groom kissing

Your photographer’s wedding album!

Okay so now you’re thinking heck YES I need a wedding album!!! But maybe you’re wondering where to get your album created or how to budget for it!!!

First of all, I really cannot recommend this enough- get your wedding album from your wedding photographer if they offer it. Photographers have access to brands that the general public doesn’t and they are vastly better in quality for often a similar price point. Trust me, if you want a wedding album that is absolutely gorgeous and is guaranteed to last a lifetime, talk to your photographer. Plus they are the expert (or work with experts) in album design. It is much harder than it seems to put together a cohesive and stunning album.

rachel christopherson photography-wedding photographer-wedding photography-wedding photos-wedding album-wedding photo album-family wedding photos-wedding dress train

Avoid this album mistake!!

Basically, do NOT do what I did!!! When I was first starting my wedding photography journey, a friend of mine asked me to design their wedding album for them for their 3 year anniversary. Because the images weren’t mine, I couldn’t use my luxury album designer and instead used a popular company that is direct to consumers. I figured those albums are trendy and good quality for a reasonable price. OOF, while I do think these things still, the price quickly skyrocketed by adding a few more pages and upgrading the quality. There were also limited customization options which made it tough. At the end of it, I realized everyone is better off going with high quality professional albums that are comparable in price, yet vastly higher quality.

rachel christopherson photography-wedding photographer-wedding photography-wedding photos-wedding album-wedding photo album-wedding details-wedding flowers-vow book-wedding greenery

Wedding Album Bonus Tip

Lastly, here’s a quick tip!!! Add a “wedding album” cash gift to your wedding registry that way your guests can contribute to this beautiful gift as well!

Found these tips helpful? Click here for questions you should ask your wedding photographer or here to see if you need a second shooter at your wedding!!

Photos by Northern California Wedding photographer, Rachel Christopherson Photography

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