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Questions to ask your wedding photographer!!



Here are some questions to ask your wedding photographer and things to consider in general when deciding if someone is right for you!!!

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1. Style.

Okay, so obviously the first thing that likely draws you to a certain photographer is their style!!! Sometimes people don’t consider this enough though! First, make sure you identify exactly what you like about it!! Do you like that it’s soft and warm, do you like that it’s punchy and dark? There are so many editing styles out there so try to identify what it is about their style that you like!

Style isn’t all about the editing though. Take a look at the emotions of the photos, especially the ones they use most throughout their social media and website! Is it more posed & classic or more candid & full of movement (or a combination of both?)!! Which do you like?

Lastly, remember your photos are the only thing from your wedding that lasts. Your loved ones will have these for generations to come!!! So don’t sacrifice here, make sure you book someone you LOVE and whose style is perfect for you and something you think you’ll love for decades to come!

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2. Make sure you like THEM.

This may honestly be the MOST important!!! You will spend more time with your photographer on the day of your wedding than you do each other!!! Plus those moments you do spend together will likely have your photographer third wheelin’ (like first looks and sunset portraits).

Plus, your photographer who is going to guide you into the poses and ultimately lead you into the most flattering, happy, and inspired images. Make sure they are super positive and definitely going to bring the best out of you two!! You want to trust them, AND trust that you can be yourself around them. Make sure you hop on a video call or meet in person to ensure they’re a good match. Trust me when I say this, if you do not click with your photographer on all cyclinders you will not look back on your photos in the same light as you would if you did love them!!!

I’m also just going to say this- you’re going to want someone who is SUPER positive, organized, and easy-going!!! They should be pumping you up every step of the way!!

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3. Price vs. Value

Budget is super important, and I may sound biased, but photography should be at the top of the list for budget (and possibly the venue). Everything else for the most part can have a little wiggle room and be considered after!! I say this wholeheartedly and for some more context, I actually became a wedding photographer AFTER my own wedding. I became insanely passionate about how wedding couples should have the bestttt experience possible- especially when it comes to your photographer!!! Trust me when I say this (as a previous bride AND a professional wedding photographer)- the experience from booking to receiving your photos matters.

For me personally, I want to help you every step of the way as you’re planning your wedding!!! I should be doing the work so you don’t have to. You deserve an experience that’s stress-free and FUN!!!

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4. The Images and your rights

Make sure you fully understand your rights to the images!! For example, do you have rights to print anywhere you want? Are you getting digitals online? Will prints be included or is that an add-on? Super important to double check all of these types of questions as well!! These are all important questions to ask your wedding photographer.

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Photos by Rachel Christopherson Photography, Sacramento Wedding Photographer

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