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How to Plan a Zion Elopement – Rachel Christopherson Photography

Wedding & Elopement Tips


If you’re looking to plan a Zion elopement – look no further!!! Zion is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been and it’s the absolute perfect location for any adventurous couple! 

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How to Elope in Zion 

Like all national parks, a permit is required to elope in Zion National Park (regardless of group size!). It’s essential to apply and pay for the special use permit at least 3 weeks before the elopement date. You’ll also need to apply for one of the 6 specific areas in Zion park where you can legally get married. It’s important to note that each location ranges from having 10- 100 guests! Click here for more information on how to obtain a permit.

Once you’ve legally tied the knot, you and your photographer can adventure around the park to celebrate and capture memories in some other incredible spots! 

Where to Take Elopement Photos in Zion 

While there are tons of gorgeous spots in Zion national park for elopement photos, Paige and Bret decided to spend their day just outside the park to get away from the crowds and add on an amazing ATV ride!!! 

If you’re adventurous, this ATV ride is for YOU! The guide was incredible and he took us out to places that you’re really only able to access via an ATV- that means we had these spots almost completely to ourselves. I highly recommend the Roam Outdoor Adventure experience!!! 

Rachel Christopherson Photography - arizona elopement, National Park elopement, adventurous bride and groom, bride and groom photos, black and white elopement photos

First, we stopped at the Great Chamber which is one of the most unique cave arches I’ve ever seen! It was the most gorgeous soft orange color too! 

Then we headed out to Peek-a-boo canyon for one of Utah’s iconic narrow passages! The deep vibrant orange and red colored rocks were out of this world beautiful! While many other areas like this one get extremely crowded, Peek-a-boo canyon is not easily accessible which is why I think it’s totally worth it to go ATVing! 

If you’re looking for more locations within the park, I recommend any of these spots….

Angel’s Landing 

Canyon overlook 

The Narrows

Observation Point

When to Elope 

Spring and fall are generally the best months to elope in Zion because of the weather and lack of crowds! With spring you’ll have heavier waterfalls, but there’s always a chance some parts of the park are closed off due to snow.

When it comes to the time of day, I always recommend sunrise!!! It’s going to be your best chance at getting some of the most gorgeous spots in the park all to yourself!! If you’re not a morning person though, go with sunset for the best lighting! 

Where to Stay 

There are quite a few options available to stay in Springdale, which is the town literally right outside the entrance to Zion. There are lots of great restaurants here and the easy access to the park entrance is super convenient. However, with convenience comes a much higher price tag! If you’re looking to save a little, Hurricane is only about 30 minutes out from the park and also has a good amount of hotels and Airbnbs to pick from. 

Rachel Christopherson Photography - desert elopement, National Park elopement, adventurous bride and groom, bride and groom photos

Elopement Photography

If you’re looking for a Zion elopement photographer- I’ve got you!!! I’d love nothing more than to be your adventure guide and capture all your incredible moments of celebration!!! Reach out here and let’s start planning together!!!

Rachel Christopherson Photography - Arizona elopement, National Park elopement, adventurous bride and groom, bride and groom photos

If you’re wanting more Nation Park elopement inspo click here or here!!

Zion elopement photos by Zion wedding photographer Rachel Christopherson Photography

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